Animals are exploited for use in the meat and dairy industry as well as for “entertainment” and research. We do not feel that animals are ours to exploit, consume or abuse, therefore we ride with a message until every cage is empty.

Our Stance on the Animal Liberation Front
The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are anonymous freedom fighters for non human animals. Their objective is “To abolish institutionalized animal exploitation because it assumes that animals are property.” (ALF mission statement) We do not take part in illegal activities but we support the ALF and recognize them as a modern version of the underground railroad for non human animals.

We do not approve of the ALF being referred to, or being treated as terrorists. The real terrorists are those exploiting, and torturing animals for profit and personal gain. It is the policy of the ALF to not harm human and non human animals. We support and thank these faceless warriors for their bravery.