Too grumpy and stubborn to quit.

Its been a bumpy year trying to recover from injuries and surgeries.

In December of last year i found out that all of the neck pain I was having was probably from a bulged cervical disc with severe to moderate stenosis, finally i knew what was keeping me from riding long distances.  After trying several options from PT to epidurals, i went into surgery on March 25th, and had a artificial disc put in. That disc promptly failed a bit over a month later when i had to have my neck opened up again ,(this time an emergency surgery). On May 22 I had my C3/4 fused.


What doesn’t kill you just makes you injured and really pissed off.”


20140522 141632 Too grumpy and stubborn to quit.

Broke the record for fastest recovery after surgery, out the same day.

IMG 5746 Too grumpy and stubborn to quit.



The failed disc falling off my spine and pushing against my esophagus
IMG 9258 Too grumpy and stubborn to quit.                                                             The new hardware,  TI plate and screws should not fall out this time



Its been hard not being able to ride my bike, and also miss out on all of the planned races i wanted to do this year, but Im looking forward to be back racing next year. Im still having lots of chronic pain, apparently I did some nerve damage doing too many long rides and ignoring the pain.


IMG 8060 Too grumpy and stubborn to quit.


“Been there done that then been there several more times because apparently i never learn”


Now I am clear to ride again, so why not go on a bike touring trip to kick off my comeback to riding.  On September 20 i will be biking from Portland OR. to San Francisco CA. mostly along the HWY 101. As of now i am planning on being in Portland on the 20th and Astoria on the 21st. Hit me up if you live in those areas and let me know what i cant miss, I will be sightseeing!

That is all for now, and keep kicking ass for the animals! Dont ever give up or give in, they need us!




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