RAAM Support needed

Help support our Race Across America campaign. 

For 2015 Franz Preihs will be showing the world his vegan powers by doing Race Across America(RAAM). He’s done it multiple times in the past and this year he’ll be wearing an Animal Liberation Racing Kit and trying to best his previous finishes.

We’re looking for some financial assistance for this grueling event which he’s doing COMPLETELY SOLO!!! Lots of TEAMS wind up dropping out and not meeting the time cuts so this just shows how difficult the task is. Imagine having to ride cross country knowing that if you rest more than a few hours a day, you don’t have a chance at finishing under the time cut. Yup….you heard that right. Some people can’t even function at a normal capacity without 8hours of sleep. He’ll be riding his bike in the elements with as little sleep as possible, most likely he’ll have ZERO SLEEP at some points.

Check out our gofundme page and support Franz and Animal Liberation Racing in 2015



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